Why Your Construction Project May Take Longer than Planned

When starting a construction project, it’s important to prepare for delays. According to Art from GT Roof Repair, he shares that there are multiple tasks, different subcontractors, and communication methods, can cause delays in a construction project. Here are the major reasons why your construction project may take longer than planned. 

Incorrect Estimates 

Any construction project should have a realistic timeline. It’s important to note that construction professionals set their wait times. But, setting incorrect time estimates can make a project take longer than planned. To avoid this, coordinate with subcontractors, architects, and consultants in advance to have a realistic time estimate. Have a properly drawn up plan for the project that includes all details and contingencies for possible delays. 

Poor Communication 

Communication breakdown especially when several stakeholders are involved can make a project take longer than planned. To avoid this, define the communication protocol between your management team and contractors. Make sure that every stakeholder knows the timeline and the person to contact whenever there are problems. 

Inclement Weather 

During construction, weather plays a significant role when it comes to the timeline of a project. Although planning for natural disasters may be impossible, have an eye on the local predictions. Make appropriate allowances for days of poor weather while planning your project schedule. If prioritizing outdoor work during the days of good weather is possible, consider doing it. 

Poor Tracking 

Planning a construction project is very important. That’s because planning prevents time wastage. However, you also need to track progress at your construction site. Coordinate labor and manage materials to ensure proper and timely completion of the construction project. Check in your jobsite regularly and have a look at daily reports. This will enable you to adjust costs and deadlines if necessary. 

Funding Issues 

Your construction project may take longer than planned if you have issues with funding. This can happen if you introduce changes to the initial plan or if you didn’t do your due diligence when planning. Therefore, make sure that you have sufficient funds for the project and for possible contingencies. 

These are some of the reasons why your construction project may take longer than expected. Nevertheless, you can work with your contractor to handle delays in your project. 

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